12. Balkan ARDF Championship 2017

12. Balkan ARDF Championship 2017


Organization of 12.Balkan ARDF Championships 2017. Is Amateur Radio Union of Serbia, ARDF workgroup. Championships will be organized from 23rd  – 25thJune 2017. In Divcibare, Serbia.
Championship is organized as open individual championship, in accordance with the valid propositions. Competitors and guests are welcome.
Under the same circumstances, competitors and teams beyond Balkan region are also welcome, and they will be also awarded for their results.
Format of the championship:
An official male and female categories are welcome and will be awarded separately, as follows:
W14, W16, W19, W21, W35, W50 and W60
М14, М16, М19, М21, М40, М50, М60 and М70

Balkan region Countries (in alphabetical order): Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.
Each country is allowed to participate with unlimited number competitors in each category.
The classification is individual only and only one total classification, according to the total sum of both bands (TXs 3.5MHz + TXs 144MHzand time 3.5MHz + time  144MHz).If some competitor is over the limit or without any transmitter found one of the days, he/she gets for that day 0 (zero) transmitters and time equal to the time limit.
Time schedule:
Friday  - Arrival and accommodation, dinner, team leaders meeting;
Saturday  - Breakfast, Competition, Lunch, Free time, Hamfest (including dinner);
Sunday - Breakfast, Competition, Lunch, Awarding, Departure.


Accommodation of Participants 12. Balkan ARDF Championship


Application Form  (download)
Agenda  (download)
Letter of Intent  (download) 
Bulletin No 1 (download)
Bulletin No 2 (download)

Bulletin No 3

Competitor Application:

Send your applications on 
Valid until: 20.5.2017.

SRS ARDF Work Group:


Milorad Djulejic - YU1OR [manager]
Zoran Vukelic - YU1EP
Aleksandar Hajosevic - YT3H
Dragan Borkovic - YT7EA
Zoran Ilic - YT0I
Zoran Ivanovic - YU1SRB


rs Serbia 18 2 0 20
mne Montenegro 9 2 0 11
mne Albania 1 1 0 1
mne Moldova 18 2 0 20 ?
mne Slovenia 24 1 1 26
mne Bosnia and Herzegovina 2 0 0 2
mne Croatia 3 0 1 4
mne Romania 10 0 0 10
mne Bulgaria 15 0 0 15
mne Hungary 4 0 0 4